Founded by Wavy Gravy during the 1970's in Norton, Vermont; The Original Earth People's Park was created with the simple philosophy that the true owners of this land were "all of the peoples of the earth." A sacred land that started as a refuge but became a home to the lovers, revolutionaries, peace-warriors and freedom fighters as much alike. Because of 10 ounces of home grown marijuana (which is now fully legal in the state of Vermont) allegedly sold to an undercover agent, the land of Earth People's Park was seized by the Federal Government

After closing the doors to the Avalon Ballroom San Francisco in 2005, “Neo-Hippie” Morning Spring Rain a.k.a. Steven Shirley (seconded generation member of the Hog Farm and Earth People’s Park), resurrected Earth People’s Park as a Church in Communion with nature. The Church has been purchasing hundreds of acres in Southern Oregon in a fight against deforestation, including an old growth stand of Port Orford Cedar. 

As we continue this legacy, The New Earth People's Park in Cave Junction, Oregon will serve as a space that makes love through music.

"We are a church that is in communion with nature"

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